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If pregnant or breast-feeding , ask a health professional before use. Keep out of reach of children .

Q: I am addicted to taking two Benadryl tablets every night to help with sleep. How dangerous is this when mixing it with a few beers?

Heart disease glaucoma thyroid disease diabetes trouble urinating due to an enlarged prostate gland high blood pressure a breathing problem such as emphysema or chronic bronchitis cough accompanied by excessive phlegm (mucus) persistent or chronic cough such as occurs with smoking, asthma or emphysema.

However, a doctor or pediatrician may recommend giving Benadryl to very young children for certain conditions, such as an allergic reaction. It is essential to follow the doctor’s direction and dosage recommendations.

This medication works by blocking a certain natural substance (histamine) that your body makes during an allergic reaction. Its drying effects on such symptoms as watery eyes and runny nose are caused by blocking another natural substance made by your body (acetylcholine).

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for motion sickness, take benadryl 30 minutes before you will be in a situation that causes you motion sickness such as a long car ride, airplane or boat travel, amusement park rides, etc .